Flights From London To Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi, the capital and one of the largest cities of Kenya is a tourist delight, with more than 25+ places to explore & visit, you will go running out of time.

Starting from Giraffe Centre, Art Centres, Kenya National Archives, Karura Forest, Bomas of Kenya,  Maasai Ostrich Farm, Mamba Village, Blue Sky Tours in Diamond Plaza Ngong Hills, Paintball Fury Limited, Panari Sky Centre, and many more to include! Try Qooshi, Your one-stop solution for all travel-related queries, and book the most affordable flight ticket save more on your next flights from London to Nairobi Kenya.

Flights From London To Nairobi Kenya

Let us count down the must-visit places in the beautiful city of Nairobi!

  • The Nairobi National Park:

Even after being a cosmopolitan capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is the only city in the world that has a safari park within its territory. Now that’s something fascinating,

The Nairobi National Park has a wide variety of wildlife starting from endangered species like black rhino, leopards, hyenas, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, with over 400 bird species recorded. The park visitors can enjoy, hiking safari and picnic sites.

  • David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre:

Its best known for its work to protect, rescue, and rehabilitate orphan elephants. The center is protecting the wildlife, safeguarding their natural environment, enhancing community awareness, and you can get to see many elephants, as well as some rhinos, enjoy your ride!

  • Nairobi’s National Museum:

The story of Kenya’s rich heritage is perfectly defined by the Nairobi National Museum. The museum has a wide collection of articles preserve for study and documented Kenya’s complex history to enhance knowledge about Kenya’s culture.

  • Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park:

The Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park in Nairobi, Kenya is constructed to honor the memory of Kenya’s independence. In the Swahili language, the word Uhuru means freedom. There are many monuments and artistic architectural designs along with a  fountain made to celebrate “Twenty-Five years of Uhuru – peace, love and unity monument” The beautiful greenery is so good to see, and spend time in a peaceful environment is a great way to end your day.

The Must-Try Restaurants In Nairobi:

Nairobi’s evolving and this evolution brings many multicultural restaurants and global culinary talent into the scene. So rather than trying some authentic dishes, you can enjoy the world-class cuisine within Nairobi’s restaurants themselves.

From sushi to the delicious biryani, here are the top 5 must-try restaurants in Nairobi.

  • Hashmi BBQ

The famous Indian BBQ located within Nairobi’s most popular mall, Nakumatt Ukay with many must-try dishes you can choose from chicken with sauce, fish tikka eaten with chips, and khima chapatti. Try them all at very affordable prices.

  • The Arbor

The eco-friendly cafe garden is a multi-store of furniture, a small salon, and a luxury cosmetics shop. Offering Southeast Asian and international cuisine, the chicken wings are a must-try dish of the eatery. So pack your bags and book flights from London to Nairobi Kenya to unwind yourself.

  • Honey & Dough Gourmet Cafe:

The place can easily sum up with a few words “Delicious Food, Coffee & Photogenic Decoration” the lamb curry is highly recommended with rice, some papadums, and salad for accompaniments. a vegan no-bake chocolate cake, which has a coconut-based mousse filling and a nuts & dates base is a perfect example of a sweet ending. Enjoy it all with an aesthetic decoration & a hot cup of coffee.

Apart from this, you can enjoy plenty of other places to enjoy the amazing Nairobi!

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