Flights To Cambodia From London Southend

The “Kingdom Of Cambodia”  or shortly known as Cambodia is a beautiful Asian country surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty. There is a lot to explore and while creating lifelong memories so plan your next international trip to Cambodia, then you all should catch the flights to Cambodia from London Southend with the help of Qooshi.

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia:

Kratie The Home Of Freshwater Dolphins: Mekong River is the source of the rare fresh water in dolphins make their home with only around fifteen to twenty dolphins remaining, it tops the list of worth visiting places in Cambodia.

Battambang Province:

It’s Cambodia’s second-largest city near the Northwest end of the country. The Holy land of Temple, Battambang Province have more than 8 holy Shirins. All the holy temples are open for visitors just follow the instructions.

  • Norry Rider
  • Ba Nan Temple
  • Phnom Sam Pov Resort
  • Sek Sak Resort
  • Barseat Temple
  • Wat Ek Temple
  • Boeng Kam Pinh Puoy Resort
  • Prasat Snung

Kampot Is Famous For Its Sea Foods: Here you can enjoy one of the most organic and fresh seafood. Kampot Is a small town on the Tuk Chhou River, 5km inland from the sea. Where fishing and farming are the main occupations of the locals, the south end of town is a large traffic circle with three hotels

  • Phnom Kieu
  • Phnom Kamchay,
  • Tuk Chhou.

Phnom Penh French Built City: The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is home to 14% of the Cambodian population it’s kind of huge. The city has a lot of French influence and vibrant vibes, enjoy the city life you can also try some millennium dream styles

  • Dinner cruise
  • Mekong River Sunset cruise
  • Book a cab or join a tour bus
  • Dine out at night

Apart from these Cambodia are famous for places like Prasat Preah Vihear and Banteay Chhmar Temple these are some of the most loved places by tourists.

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