Flights To Ethiopia From London

Ethiopia is a landlocked country, sharing its borders with Somalia, Kenya, and South Sudan. The magical country with ancient and spiritual roots has a rich and significant religious history to explore and experience from the waterfalls which are ancient religious architecture to the vibrant modern city life, Ethiopia a place to feel and believe. Experience the diversity with your one-stop travel solution Qooshi Travel Services and enjoy your flights to Ethiopia from London and other national and international destinations with Qooshi.

This country is a diverse amalgamation of religions, languages, and cultures more than 80 different ethnic groups in 90 plus languages.

Flights To Ethiopia From London

Heres the list of must to visit place in Ethiopia:

Best places to visit in Ethiopia

  • Blue Nile Falls:

The beautiful 52 meters high waterfall is on the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia, about 30 km downstream from the town of Bahir Dar and Lake Tana. The falls are one of Ethiopia’s best-known tourist attractions. The first stone bridge constructed in Ethiopia, built by Emperor Susenyos in 1626 is situated at a short distance downstream from the falls.

  • Simien Mountains National Park:

The Simien Mountain situated in the Simien National Park was one of the first sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage List is incorporated with the famous Ethiopia Historical Circuit for trekking and taking a car drive. You can witness Ethiopia’s biggest and most spectacular mountain range here. You can also buy some authentic things like A woven Gabi  (thick shawl) from the local market.

  • National Museum of Ethiopia:

The National Museum of Ethiopia (NME) is Ethiopia’s artistic treasures, located in the capital Addis Ababa. The museum contains numerous precious archaeological things such as the fossilized remains of early hominids, the most famous “Lucy,” the partial skeleton of a specimen of Australopithecus afarensis. Some of these articles are estimated to date to 3.3 million years ago.

The popular Stone Statue from Addi-Galamo, Tigray Region (6th-5th BC) is also a part of the National Museum’s collection.  It has four main exhibition sections. The museum tries to give an overview of the cultural richness and variety of the peoples of Ethiopia.

  • Holqa Soof Umar(Sof Omar Cave):

The longest cave in Ethiopia Sof Omar Cave is about 15.1 kilometers long. it is the longest cave in Africa after  Madagascar.  The ‘Chamber of Columns’ is one of the most popular tourist attractions of all time.

The peaceful atmosphere inside the cave is so soothing and relaxing, will leave will not leaving that place feel.

  • Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum:

The “Red Terror” Martyrs’ Memorial Museum is situated in Addis Ababa, established in 2010 as a memorial to those who died during the Red Terror under the Derg government.

The museum has different kinds of displays of things like torture instruments, skulls and bones, coffins, bloody clothes, and photographs of victims

The Must-Try Ethiopian Cuisine:

  • Macchiato: The Coffee

Coffee is the main part of Ethiopia’s culture and economy, the macchiatos are quite popular too, vegan or lactose-free macchiato drinker, a fasting version made with Ethiopia’s non-dairy sunflower milk.

  •  Ethiopian Pastries:

Dessert are not much in Ethiopian cooking, Ethiopians make cake style pastries are perfectly balanced combo for this. not too sweet and has a variety from fluffy to the dense cake. These cakes are fasting-approved dairy-free and vegan! So enjoy!

  • Azifa: Fresh & Chilled Salad

The popular Ethiopian chilled salad ‘Azifa‘ consists of green lentils, finely chopped onions, and tomatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice adding almonds and chopped olives for some extra crunch. Usually served with various meat or fish dishes or your fav pita bread.

  • Doro Wat: Ethiopian Chicken Stew

The Ethiopian cuisine is incomplete without their fresh & seasoned Stew, Doro Wat is one of the signature dishes in their cuisine. The tender meat, spicy eggs, along with a rich flavorful sauce Doro wat is a dream come true kind of stew it becomes a must to have a dish in festive times like Christmas and Easter.

The popular Ethiopia Chilled Salad along with Doro Wat tastes like heaven!

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